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Sea & Sea is the Japanese brand for high quality underwater photography products. The range mainly includes underwater flash units, waterproof housings for the better SLR and system cameras and a wide range of accessories. The refined Japanese quality and finish characterise Sea & Sea products.

Sea & Sea leaves nothing to chance and does not economise on materials. Only the best raw materials and production systems are used to ensure a long service life. All Sea & Sea products are developed and manufactured with the user in mind. They are easy to use and convenient in design. Each Sea & Sea article is a unique product in itself, to ultimately the underwater photographer to get the best out of the underwater pictures. Once you start with Sea & Sea, you never want anything else!

This website contains everything about Sea & Sea; the products, the latest news, our ambassadors, downloads, contact details and lots of information on various topics.

Sea & Sea has been a leader in the world of underwater photography for many years. The high Japanese quality guarantees many years of optimal use of each Sea & Sea product.

Sea & Sea Universal Dome Port 210 Anti Reflex

Sea & Sea Universal Dome Port 210 Anti Reflex

NEWS Sea & Sea Universal Dome Port 210 Anti Reflex SEA & SEA has developed a revolutionary new "Universal Dome Port 210AR". The Dome Port is made of a new material called PLANEXT®. And is produced by an extremely precise...

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Sea & Sea underwater housings are designed and manufactured in Japan for 100%. The high quality and reliability of the housings means that you can get the most out of your underwater footage during dives and holidays. No risk is taken with the precious camera in the housing.

With one exception, all Sea & Sea underwater housings are made of the highest quality anodised aluminium that is multi-coated against corrosion and weathering. This ensures a durable and solid underwater housing. The controls on the underwater housing are made of the most refined materials in extreme precision. You can use every button on your camera that is useful underwater, often in the same way as you would without the underwater housing. Or else via an intuitive transfer.

All SLR and system underwater camera housings are equipped as standard with a flash throughput for an electronic connection between the external flash and the camera. Most underwater housings are fitted with a leakage indicator as standard. Optionally a vacuum system on the housing can be chosen to check the underwater housing for possible leaks before and during the dive.

Sea & Sea selectively makes underwater housings for the better SLR and system cameras. For each of these underwater housings there is a wide choice of optional ports and zoom gears for various commonly used lenses. On the site you can find an extensive overview of the available options.

As Sea & Sea Europe, we are happy to help you make the right choice and select the corresponding options. If there is a need for support in the choice, please feel free to contact us.

See the product overview for the available housings for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony cameras.

Product overview


For a complete overview of the available Sea & Sea housings from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.

Underwater Flash

Sea & Sea offers the best quality flash units. There are several models. Select here for an overview of the available strobes.

Compact Cameras

The new DX-6G compact camera with housing is also available as a set with an external flash. Click to read more about this camera.


Macro ports, wide angle and fish eye ports and ports for zoom lenses.


Arms, base plates, view finders, leak detectors and more accessories for Sea & Sea housings.


Diffusers, cables, covers and more flash accessories.


Lenses, lens cases and accessories for lenses.

Arm systems

Base plates, arms, clamps and more supplies to mount your flash on your housing.


Accessories required for various Sea & Sea products such as silicone grease, moisture absorber, gear sets, O-ring sets and O-ring removers.


Meet Sea & Sea users in heart and soul. And see the results they have made with the help of their Sea & Sea flash units and/or housings.


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Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea Europe is the exclusive importer of Sea & Sea articles for several countries in Europe. Among them: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.