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Out of passion and love for diving and underwater photography, owner Harro Cats got the opportunity in 2012 to take care of the import and distribution for Sea & Sea underwater photography in the Benelux countries. After he first became acquainted with the underwater photography in 1991 as a sports diver and employee in a dive shop, he moved to the period from 1993 to 2003 as an underwater photography sales specialist of Sea & Sea at the then importer. Between 2003 and 20012 Harro Cats had his own photo shop with a specialisation in underwater photography. In that period, the company looked for opportunities to expand, which eventually occurred in 2012. At that time, Sea & Sea Benelux BV was officially launched. In 2018, the opportunity arose to also provide the German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany with Sea & Sea products as an importer. Shortly afterwards, Poland was added to the region. Until 2019, this was done under the company name Sea & Sea Benelux BV. When it became known at the end of 2019 that even more countries, such as France, Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic, would be served from Europe, the company name was changed to Sea & Sea Europe. Meanwhile, Sea & Sea Europe is active as Master distributor is half of Europe.

Sea & Sea Europe has over 25 years of knowledge and experience of underwater photography, retail and distribution. We are convinced that we can always advise and help the customer appropriately and are therefore happy to be of service to everyone.  

The Sea & Sea Europe office is located in the Netherlands in Maassluis, near Rotterdam. Distribution, service, repairs and maintenance are carried out from this location. The aim is always to be able to deliver directly from stock. In addition, service and after-sales are of paramount importance. As is customary for almost everything that is made in Japan, Quality is the key word for the products and this is also the case for Sea & Sea.



Sea & Sea Europe
Nijverheidstraat 6G - red
3144CL Maassluis

Tel.: (+31)(0)10 25 404 55
e-mail: info @ seaandsea .eu (enter this e-mail address without spaces in your mail program)

Reachabler on:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:30


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Sea & Sea Europe
Nijverheidstraat 6G-Red
3144 CL Maassluis
Tel.: +31 (0)10 25 404 55

Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea Europe is the exclusive importer of Sea & Sea articles for several countries in Europe. Among them: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.