Warranty conditions and processing

In the exceptional case that a warranty claim must be made, we will endeavour to provide this as soon as possible.
The article concerned must be returned, together with the proof of purchase (handwritten receipts are not accepted) and the yellow (fully completed) guarantee card, to the address of purchase. In the absence of the proof of purchase and the guarantee card no guarantee can be given. The article will be treated as a repair.
Do not forget to include a clear description of the fault. This will speed up the handling process. The seller will take care of the further processing of the guarantee.

Repairs on Sea & Sea products can be presented at any Sea & Sea dealer. In the case of repairs, an estimate will always be given in advance. In the case of repairs, an investigation fee will always be charged. The repair quote will include these investigation costs. In case of return of the repaired product, these costs will be charged separately.

It is not possible to submit warranty claims or repairs directly to Sea & Sea Europe.



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Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea Europe is the exclusive importer of Sea & Sea articles for several countries in Europe. Among them: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.