Desiccant pack #62108

Desiccant Pack (silica gel)
Product No. 62108

Take care of your camera and prevent condensation with these moisture-eaters. Put them in the housing next to the camera when you place it in the housing. Because of the heat development of the camera and the coldness of the water there is a chance of condensation. This can settle on the glass of the housing or even worse on the electronics inside the camera. Use this Silica special for cameras when storing your camera. This prevents your camera from getting or staying wet.
Please note! The material does need some time to do its work. It is recommended to apply Silica the night before.
They do not have an infinite shelf life. Use a bag maximum 1 week during your holiday or change earlier.

Keep your digital camera dry in humid conditions: a silica gel pack in your housing absorbs moisture and prevents condensation.
* 5 packs in a hermetically sealed container.

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