YS-01 Solis

For the underwater photographer with ambition, Sea & Sea has developed the YS-01 Solis. This underwater strobe is universal and can be used with any brand of underwater camera such as Sea & Sea, Olympus, Canon, Sealife and Panasonic. The flash is controlled by the internal flash of the camera. The YS-01 Solis is equipped with 2 exposure modes. The first is a Digital TTL program, in which the flash itself determines the flash power based on the reflection of the subject and the flash power of the camera's internal flash. In this way, the underwater photographer can keep full attention on the surroundings, the subject and the composition. The second programme is a fully manual programme. The underwater photographer can manually control the flash power in 10 steps through the adjusting knob on the back of the flash unit.

To determine whether the flash unit is properly aligned, or to help the camera focus, in conditions with limited ambient light, the built-in focus/direction light can be used. This LED lamp can be easily switched on and off with a button on the back of the flash unit.

The Solis strobes from Sea & Sea are made with ultra-modern electronic components and equipped with the latest technological developments. The strobes are therefore fast, intelligent and reliable. The newly designed housing is strong and robust, but remains compact and lightweight.

The YS-01 Solis is supplied as a separate flash unit with a Sea & Sea YS connection as standard. Optionally, a camera mounting plate, an adjustable flexible arm and a fibre optic cable for control can be added. Sea & Sea Europe has put this together as a kit under article number #03124KIT. The YS-01 Solis can also be combined with the extensive possibilities of the Sea Arm 8 system. A high quality modular light weight arm system, which can be assembled to suit every need and camera set.  


#03124 - YS-01 Solis separate flash unit
#03124KIT - YS-01 Solis flash kit with tray, flexible arm and fibre optic cable.


Here are some of the technical details:


Guide number: 20
Flash angle: 100° x 100°. With diffuser: 105° x 105°.
Programme: D-TTL with LED indication, manual with pre-flash and manual.
Setting: Manual flash power
Guide lamp/focus lamp: Yes.
Colour temperature: 5600 Kelvin with full flash. 5250 Kelvin in combination with the diffuser.
Power supply: 4x AA battery (penlite) - Preferably rechargeable. Recommendation: Eneloop
Number of flashes at full power: approx. 300 with Ni-MH and approx. 230 with Alkaline batteries.
Recycle time at full discharge: approx. 1.9 sec. with Ni-MH and approx. 2.5 sec. with Alkaline batteries.
Accessories: Diffuser with cord, mounting screw and silicone grease. Weight on land: 441 grams including mounting screw, excluding batteries.
Underwater weight: 60 grams including mounting screw and batteries. Dimensions: 75mm x 111mm x 129mm.
Operating temperature: 1°C - 40°C.
Maximum depth: 75 metres
Temperature protection: If the internal temperature is too high, the flash unit temporarily blocks all functions.
Connection to the arm: Standard YS connection
Manual: see "downloads" on this site.
Control: Glass fibre cable (optional) (#50128 Fiber Optical Cable)

Warranty: European warranty, 2 years. Or as regulated in the country of purchase.

* Depending on the temperature, frequency of use and brand of batteries.





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