Full control of your exposure for your underwater images with the new Sea & Sea YS-D3 underwater flash unit.


You want to make the most of the rare moments you spend underwater. You leave nothing to chance and try to capture as much as possible with your underwater camera. For yourself, your family, your friends, but also for that one unique shot. And for that exceptional shot, you need the right underwater lighting. And that's why you need this Sea & Sea YS-D3 underwater flash. It gives you complete control over your underwater exposure.      

Thanks to very precise electronics, the YS-D3 underwater strobe is able to perform optimally in every situation. The Sea & Sea YS-D3 flash unit has a guide number of no less than 33 and a standard maximum angle of exposure of 110°. This way you always have an enormous amount of light available underwater. The two-step charging time of the flash gives you the opportunity to continuously flash in special circumstances without limitations.

Modern, fast and powerful.
The ultra-modern electronics in the YS-D3 are capable of producing a flash of light with a guide number of 33 in an extremely short time. This creates an unprecedentedly beautiful and uniform illumination over the entire shooting area. The exposure angle of the flash without using a diffuser is 105° x 80°. With the supplied standard diffuser this is increased to 110° x 100°. When using the optional dome diffuser (#28116) the angle of exposure is approximately 170° x 150°.


Capture every moment at high speed thanks to superior continuous flash technology.
The YS-D3 uses capacitors with a larger capacity than is usual in underwater flash units. In addition, the Sea & Sea YS-D3 is equipped with a newly designed charging circuit. As a result, the YS-D3 can continuously flash with a guide number of 16 without any interval time. And when the flash is used with a guide number of 22, it is ready for use again and again in just 0.6 seconds. The YS-D3 has a two-step charge signal. When the YS-D3 requires a flash power above guide number 22, a two-stage charge signal is given. After the flash is fired at full power of guide number 33, it will emit a visible and audible signal to let you know that it is ready to take the next shot with a guide number of 22. And once the condensers are charged enough to fire at a guide number of 33, a second, different signal is emitted. This technology makes it possible to take shots at a speed that previously seemed almost impossible. So you never miss a moment!


Directional light as a diving light.
The YS-D3 is equipped with a manually switched guide/focus lamp. This allows you to align the flash unit precisely with the subject. This way you avoid making mistakes at moments you can't afford. In addition, the underwater camera can focus easier and often faster by using the flash's auxiliary light. This also contributes to better control over your underwater shots.

Thanks to its uniquely designed aluminium reflector, this guiding light is so powerful that it could even function as a diving light. And if you find that too much, you can dim it to less power with one push of the "glow in the dark" button on the back of the torch.

Illuminated display of the settings.
The YS-D3 flash unit is equipped with coloured display backlighting. When shooting in dark conditions it is possible to read the settings, such as flash power and mode setting, very well. The colour of the display on the back of the Sea & Sea YS-D3 changes each time the mode switch setting is changed. Blue (in DS-TTLII mode), light blue (in slave-TTL mode), orange (in manual mode with pre-flash) and green (in manual mode without pre-flash)


Optical or electronic.
The YS-D3 underwater flash unit offers the choice of being used in conjunction with an underwater camera that controls the underwater flash unit optically via the fibre optic cable. Or electronically via the sync cable connected to the underwater housing. At the front of the underwater strobe is the slave receiver to connect the fibre optic cable, which transmits the signal from the camera's internal strobe. On the side there is a second connection to connect a second fibre optic cable to optically trigger an extra strobe.

The electronic connection is at the bottom on the back of the flash unit. It is the classic Sea & Sea 5pins-S connection, which works with the Sea & Sea Syncro cable #17100 to connect a single flash. Or with the Sea & Sea DUAL syncro cable # 03470 to control two strobes at the same time.  

Sea & Sea has a newly designed Manual Flash Trigger and electronic YS converter for flash control, which can optionally be mounted in the underwater housing.   

(* If the YS-D3 is used with a camera with built-in flash, use only the original SEA & SEA fiber optic cables (#50128 Fiber Optic Cable Medium / #50123 Fiber Optic Cable Large / #50135 Fiber Optic Cable Small). Sea & Sea flashes may not work properly or at all, especially in functions such as automatic TTL exposure, if non-original cables are used).


Ball Mount
For the connection of the flash unit to an arm system or underwater housing, the universal straight ball connection is included in the package as standard.

Optionally, the classic Sea & Sea YS connection is available. (Article: #12662 YS-Mount & Screw system) This gives an easier vertical adjustment of the flash. Or the new diagonal ball connection at an angle of 35°, which makes it easier to position the flash unit further back, making it more suitable to be used in combination with a Dome Port. Also when the flash unit is controlled electronically with the sync cable there is less tension on the cable with this diagonal ball connection.





  • Guide number (ISO 100/m country): 33. (When using the standard diffuser: 28)
  • Exposure angle: 105° x 80° (without diffuser), (When using the standard diffuser 110° x 100°)
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA: 6V - Ni-MH: 4.8V
  • Number of flashes: Alkaline: 140 - Ni-MH: 220 (*1)
  • Recycle time (complete discharge): Alkaline: 3.5 sec. - Ni-MH: 1.7 sec. (*2)

(*1)The number of flashes and the recycle time depend on the battery brand, temperature and frequency of use).

(*2) The flash count and recycling time of Ni-MH batteries are tested on 2500 MAh batteries).

  • Colour temperature: 5800 K.
  • Colour temperature with standard diffuser: 5500 K.
  • Maximum depth: 100 metres.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 92 x 111 x 147mm (excluding ball connection)
  • Weight: 610 grams (without batteries) (without ball attachment)
  • Buoyancy: Approximately -20 grams, negative (incl. batteries and ball connection)



  • Exposure settings: DS-TTL II, Slave TTL, Manual Light Volume Control (GN): 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 / 4 / 5.6 / 8/11/16/22/33 (11 steps)
  • DS-TTL II function Slave function
  • Automatic switch-off function after 30min
  • Electronic connection for: Syncro Cable 5-pin syncro cable/N, (#17100) or DUO Syncro Cable (#03470)
  • Optical connector for: Fibre optic cable (#50128 Fiber Optic Cable Medium / #50123 Fiber Optic Cable Large / #50135 Fiber Optic Cable Small)
  • Safety valve
  • LED Directional/Focus lamp (adjustable in 2 steps)
  • Dual audio signal during flash charging when ready for use.

Price in the shop: € 849 incl. V.A.T.

Delivery time: Available from stock soon.



Optional accessories for the YS-D3:


Dome diffuser for YS-D3 (#28116)
The optional dome diffuser increases the angle of exposure to 170°×150°. This diffuser is a necessary accessory when shooting with a wide-angle or fisheye lens. Or use this diffuser when softer light is required. The guide number will decrease by approximately -1.5 EV when the diffuser is mounted on the flash.

With its bayonet connection, this diffuser can be easily mounted and removed from the front of a flash unit underwater in no time. The diffuser can be fitted with a safety cord to prevent loss. 

Price in the shop: € 59 incl. V.A.T.

Delivery time: Available from stock soon.


Snoot for YS-D3 (#28115)
The Snoot narrows the exposure angle of the YS-D3 for precise exposure to a specific subject. The snoot can be used in 2 parts. The narrowest opening is 25mm. Inside the snoot is a prism to guide the focus light from the directional/focus lamp to the middle of the snoot.

With its bayonet connection, this snoot can be easily mounted and removed from the front of flash units underwater in no time, instead of the diffuser. The snoot can be equipped with a safety cord against losses. 

Price in the shop: € 89 incl. V.A.T.

Delivery time: Available from stock soon.



Flash prism for YS-D3 (#50127)
Control the YS-D3 with this optical conductor. The underwater flash prism is positioned in the optical cable connection on the front/bottom of the underwater flash. This accessory is ideal when using the underwater flash in a fixed location away from the camera. It allows original exposures to be applied and multiple flash units to be used simultaneously. An external flash unit with direct control from the camera is still required for use. The flash prism must be accurately aligned to trigger the flash using the external light source. Practice is required.

Price in the shop: € 59 incl. V.A.T.

Delivery time: Available from stock soon.



Diagonal flash connection for YS-D3/D2 flash units (#28117)
This ball connection fits all YS-D3, YS-D2 and YS-D1 models. By using this 35° ball port, the flash can be positioned at a more favourable angle for close-up shots. It also allows the flash to be better aligned when using a fisheye dome port. An additional advantage of this ball connection in combination with the electronic syncro cable is that the connection of the cable to the flash unit is less stressed.

Price in the shop: € 45 incl. V.A.T.

Delivery time: Available from stock soon.



Flash unit cover for YS-D3 (#)
Protect your precious underwater strobe from scratches and, to a limited extent, from knocks with this neoprene strobe protection cover. This way you keep your flash unit beautiful and prevent possible permanent damage to your flash unit. The neoprene cover has a slight positive influence on the buoyancy. The neoprene protection cover does not cover the front and back of the strobe so you can continue to use and operate your strobe under all circumstances.

Price: not yet known

Delivery time: Not yet known


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